Killing Civilians, Somalia

African Union peacekeepers known as AMISOM on Friday expressed concern over the repeated civilian casualties committed by Somali government soldiers.  The spokesman of AMISOM forces in Somalia, major. Brigye Bahuko said in an interview with Shabelle, a local radio station based in Mogadishu, that AU troops in Somalia are very sorry the arbitrary killings against ordinary people by Somali government forces in TFG controlled districts.  Mr. Bahuko said AMISOM will not tolerate the continuation of meaningless killing against Somali innocent civilians.  He indicated that Somali people in the areas under Al Shabaab control are facing more problems that they encounter in Somali government controlled districts.

Separately, Sheikh Ali Mohamed Rage, the spokesman of Al shabaab told reporters that AMISOM statement of Al shabaab bothering sthe civilians who live in the areas they control is baseless and false.  Rage pointed out they run 10 districts in the war-ravaged Mogadishu at the same time people don’t face any promlem from the fighters of Al Shabaab.

Somalia: Amisom – We Are Sorry for the Civilian Casualties Committed By TFG Soldiers,, Feb. 18, 2011

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