Daily Archives: July 12, 2011

Whaling Commission, the new debate and corruption charges

The chronically deadlocked International Whaling Commission (http://iwcoffice.org/index.htm) is to debate ways to boost transparency and battle alleged corruption within its ranks as delegates begin a four-day meeting in Jersey today.  Split evenly between pro and anti-whaling nations, the 89-nation body was rocked last year by accusations that Japan used cash and development aid to buy votes from Caribbean and African nations. Japan, which denied the charges, is one of three countries along with Norway and Iceland that practise commercial whaling despite a 1986 moratorium. Collectively, they kill more than 1000 of the marine mammals each year. Smaller quotas are granted to other nations for traditional, indigenous whaling.

Saint Helier, Whale of a debate begins, Sydney Morning Herald, July 11, 2011