Conventional Research Can’t but Anonymous Will

Members of the Anonymous collective are not just taking their activism to the Internet and the streets; they’re now targeting corporate financials with a securities research arm.  The mission of Anonymous Analytics is to “expose companies that practice poor corporate governance and are involved in large-scale fraudulent activities,” according to the Web site.  Anonymous researchers–who include unnamed and unnumbered “analysts, forensic accountants, statisticians, computer experts, and lawyers”–will base their investigative reports on information “acquired through legal channels, fact-checked, and vetted thoroughly before release.”  Their first target is a produce firm listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange that is under investigation by the Hong Kong government. Anonymous Analytics released a 38-page report this week accusing Chaoda Modern Agriculture of China of deceiving shareholders and investors, falsifying financial statements, using a shell company to siphon money out, and perpetrating “one of the Hong Kong Exchange’s largest, and longest running frauds.” The report predicts that the company will be eventually delisted….In another article, an Anonymous Analytics researcher disclosed to the Financial Times that “associates, partners, affiliates, consultants, clients,” and other parties have short positions on Chaoda’s stock price and thus have an “indirect interest” if the share price drops.

Anonymous is using various methods to promote its anti-corporate, anti-censorship, pro-civil liberties messages. It used to just organize distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on targets like Sony, and repressive regimes in other countries in solidarity with Arab Spring uprisings, but is expanding its scope…..Borrowing a page from the WikiLeaks whistleblower site, Anonymous launched LocalLeaks and HackerLeaks sites earlier this year for insiders and other hackers to leak sensitive information from governments and corporations.

Excerpt, Elinor Mills, Anonymous starts activism via corporate securities research, CNET. com, Sept. 29, 2011

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