Nuclear Submarines for Nuclear Graveyards

The Ministry of Defence want to use Rosyth Dockyard (Scotland) to dismantle submarines and store the radioactive waste material. The council has been asked to contribute to the MoD’s consultation and they want to get the opinion of local residents.  There are three possible options for the future. One is that no work is carried out at the dockyard, the second is that the submarines are dismantled but no waste is stored there and the third that both dismantling and storage take place.

Fife Council’s consultation starts on Monday and forms will be sent out to residents in Rosyth and the surrounding areas. Anyone can voice their opinion online.  Rosyth is one of the sites under consideration for dismantling the UK’s nuclear submarines which are reaching the end of their productive life.  Councillor George Kay, chair of the Police, Fire and Safety Committee, said: “Although the MoD are carrying out a consultation with residents at the moment we felt it was necessary to find out for ourselves what local people felt about it.  “Fife Council are formal consultees for the MoD and we wanted to be sure that whatever response we send back to the MoD is an accurate representation of the views of Fife’s residents.“Consultation forms are being sent to residents of Rosyth, North Queensferry, Charlestown and Limekilns asking for people’s views on the possibilities for dismantling and storage of radioactive waste material at Rosyth Dockyard.  “This is a really important issue for the future of Rosyth and Fife and it is important for us to know what Fifers think about this. I’d like to encourage as many people as possible to make their views known on this issue.”

Residents consulted on proposals to dismantle nuclear submarines at Rosyth, (Scottish News), Nov. 30, 2011

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