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Hazardous Waste in the Pacific Islands

Vunato rubbish dump Fiji.  Phote from Fiji Times online

EnvironmentT Minister Colonel Samuela Saumatua highlighted at a regional workshop that waste management is one of the biggest challenges facing Pacific Island countries today.  He said growing volumes of solid and hazardous waste had become a major threat to the environment.  “Globalisation is accelerating with increasing urbanisation, migration and participation in international trade,” Col. Saumatua said.  This is resulting in an escalation of solid and liquid wastes, more shipping and land transport and more infrastructure and industry throughout the region, all of which increase the risk of land, coastal and marine pollution from waste.”  He said the lack of controls on imported goods, with the lack of capacity to manage waste threatened to undermine the quality and health of vulnerable island ecosystems on which Pacific Islands depended.

Ana Madigibuli, Hazardous waste rises,Fiji Times Online, Mar. 8, 2013