The United States Forces in Gabon

U.S. Marines jump from an Osprey. image from wikipedia

The [United States] Marines worked with the government of Gabon to test the full-scale employment of the force on the continent. Their forward-staged compound, known as a Cooperative Security Location, (CSL)…also provides the Marines with easy access to their MV-22 Osprey and KC-130J aircraft, which are critical in providing a crisis-response capability over a geographically dispersed area.  “For this particular CSL, we planned to support up to 200 personnel,” said 1st Lt. Micah Tate, the combat logistics detachment’s executive officer. “From those personnel, we have around 20 logistics Marines who are providing direct support and two platoons of infantrymen that are able to embark on the Ospreys. That’s the point of these CSLs.”

Excerpt from Marines test forward-staging abilities in Gabon, June 23 2015 

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