Who Cares about the Rule of Law in Afghanistan?

SIGAR.  image from https://www.sigar.mil/

Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, known as SIGAR: Rule of Law in Afghanistan: U.S. Agencies Lack a Strategy and Cannot Fully Determine the Effectiveness of Programs Costing More Than $1 Billion

U.S. efforts to develop the rule of law in Afghanistan have been impaired by four significant factors. First, U.S agencies lack a comprehensive rule of law strategy to help plan and
guide their efforts. Second, DOD [US Department of Defense] is unable to account for the total amount of funds it spent to support rule of law development. Third, DOD, DOJ [US Department of Justice], State Department, and USAID all have had problems measuring the performance of their respective rule of law programs. Fourth, U.S. efforts are undermined by significant challenges from pervasive corruption in Afghanistan’s justice sector and the uncertainty regarding whether the Afghan government can or will sustain U.S. program activities and reforms. U.S. agencies—led by DOD, DOJ, State, and USAID—lack a current, comprehensive interagency rule of law strategy to help plan and guide U.S. rule of law development efforts in Afghanistan….SIGAR determined that DOD, DOJ, State, and USAID have spent more than $1 billion on at least 66 programs since 2003 to develop the rule of law in Afghanistan.

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